Value of Education


Children Learning Together

Education is not a product, mark diploma, job, money in that order it is a process a never ending one.
Children are to be educated by they have to be lifted to educate themselves.
Children can not be made good by making them happy, but they can be made happy by making them good.
When the parents can’t teach children at home the teacher can do it neither, but if the parents can do their work, but the teacher can do it all the more. This is the relation between the school and the home.
School must prepare children to think and act the situation that may place them in. Teacher should make the student to think, read and write.

Groups offered for higher secondary

  • I Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Computer Science
  • II Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology
  • III Commerce, Economics, Accountancy, Computer Science
  • IV Commerce, Economics, Accountancy, Business Maths

Our school helps the students

  • To widen their creativity
  • To develop their talents and potentialities of life.
  • To enrich their values.
  • To achieve academic excellence.
  • To blossom with all round personality


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